Information On How To Become A Counselor

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The following how to become a counselor information will help you make the right decision when deciding your counseling career path.

If you enjoy talking to people and helping them, then becoming a counselor can be a great career choice for you. But before you choose any career, and counseling career for that matter, there are many things you need to consider including the specialty you would like to select.

The following list contains various specialties under the counseling career, which you can give a thought:

  • Social work counseling: social workers are counselors that work directly with the local people to solve and cope with everyday problems that disturb them.
  • School counselors: they work with students in the school set up. The major function of school counselors is to offer career guidance to the students and direct them in all matters affecting their lives in schools.
  • Career counselors: these are also called vocational counselors. They work with clients to help them make better career choices. Career counselors way work with students in colleges or they may open independent offices and serve those people who are in employment or looking for job.
  • Substance abuse counselors: sometimes substance abuse counselors do the same work of behavioral counselors to help their clients depart from their addiction and adopt new habits. Different states have different requirements for one to become a substance abuse counselor.

If you have decided that your future lies in counseling career, you should try to talk to a qualified counselor for advice on what to do. It is important to interview a counselor or counselors especially those who work in the areas you are interested in. the best way to find out whether a given career is right for you is to talk to some who is already doing what you want to do. They are in a better position to give the accurate judgment including job satisfaction, working conditions, salaries and career prospects.

When discussing the counseling field of your choice with the, it is important to ask some questions that will help you make the right decision. For instance, you should ask about the educational requirements of that particular most counseling careers, one needs to possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree and a certification.

Once you have gotten all the information you need, especially the educational requirements needed to become a qualified and certified counselor, the next thing to do are to identify the kind of schooling you need to attend in order to become a counselor. Depending on your level of education, you may be required to obtain at most 6,000 hours of supervised counseling sessions in order to be granted counseling certification.

If you have not already enrolled in a bachelors degree program, you need to enroll in one because it is a pre-requisite for many types of counseling jobs. But in order to remain competitive, it is advisable to enroll for a masters program. The field is becoming increasingly competitive.