Sleeping 8 Hours a Day

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Many doctors recommend that we should sleep a minimum of 8 hours each and every day if we want to remain healthy and active. Although most people probably do go to their beds for 8 hours a day, unfortunately, many of those same people do not get 8 hours sleep or perhaps even good rest. One of the main reasons for this is that they have a mattress which is either old or unsuitable for them. Although a very popular type of mattress is the memory foam mattress, some of them allow for heat build-up and those pockets of heat can allow us to get too hot at night and that disrupts our sleep. Although these types of mattresses may be very good and comfortable during colder weather, they may be unsuitable for hotter climates or seasons. Another problem is that a mattress has provided a good night’s sleep for many years it has grown old and no longer affords the same comfort. Owing to the cost of a new mattress, many people, even if they recognize the cause of their restless nights, opt to go on using their old mattress. There is an alternative to buying a new mattress though and that alternative is to keep their old mattress but buy a mattress topper to place on top of it. As far as comfort is concerned, a mattress topper can afford the same level of comfort as a traditional mattress it is just that it does not have the support layer which all mattress need and therefore have. This though means that mattress toppers are cheaper than mattresses that afford the same type of comfort. Of course though, in order for the mattress topper to provide the support our bodies need, they must be placed on top of a mattress. This means that a mattress topper which does not allow for build-ups of heat can be placed on top of a mattress that does and the sleeper will stay cool. It also means that when a mattress becomes old and loses its comfort value, it is kept and still plays an important role in providing a good night’s sleep, it is just that that old mattress will have a mattress topper on it to provide the comfort needed. If you decide to buy a mattress topper but are not sure which one to buy, go to the website of where you will find reviews for many of them and that should help you decide which one to buy. When the doctors recommend 8 hours sleep every nigh it is for good reason as if we do not get that, it can affect our lives in many ways. First we may feel tired all day but worse than that, as we do feel tired we may not be able to work to our best potential which could of course lead us to not getting a promotion or, as we feel too tired, we neglect our social lives and face those consequences.