Firefighters and Back Help

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Make no mistake, firefighters make up a majority of the people who chiropractors serve on an annual basis. They often put their lives in extreme danger to protect and serve the community. This requires many of them to find a chiropractor San Luis Obispo solution to meet their ailing back needs. Firefighters come into contact with a variety of obstacles during their daily activities. They must be able to stare danger right in the face, and then overcome it as they save lives. This is why chiropractors work hard to get them back on the job.


One of the reasons why men and women int his profession get injured, is due to falling walls. Walls that are weakened by burning flames fall down much more easily than sturdy walls. Aside from the potential to burn skin, these flaming walls are heavy, and they can destroy a person’s back quite quickly. If the firefighter does not suffer a broken back, he will most likely have to go see a chiropractor at some point to help him to get rid of the pain that he feels. This is the only way to get back out into the field. These brave men often undergo alignment procedures to help them to reduce the pain and swelling in their backs.


A firefighter’s ladder is capable of reaching tremendous heights. This is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because it enables them to reach people who are stuck up high in burning buildings. It is a curse because it also provides a way for them to seriously injure their back. The most common type of injury, besides back breaks, is slipped discs. When a disc slips it can cause an enormous amount of pain and discomfort. It often prevents a person from being able to turn his or her head, or to pick up small objects.


Firefighters also suffer from common slips just like everyone else. They might slip and fall on oil and water while leaving the station to respond to a call. This usually happens when they are rushed to respond to a call. Oil often drops from underneath the fire engines, and it can be hard to see until it is too late. It is not surprising for a chiropractor to receive plenty of clients who fight fires, and who also slip right inside the station before they ever make it to the emergency call.


Chiropractors take pride in helping the people that serve the community. They often offer discounts for firefighters, teachers, and policemen, as a result. This is there way of showing their appreciation for for men and women who put their lives on the line.  Chiropractors come to the rescue when firefighters are the ones who need to be rescued.