Selecting Your Dental School

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If you want to become a dental hygienist, it is essential that you study in different schools that are accredited. There are different dental hygiene college program that you can get from different schools. After graduating and earning this degree, the next step is to get a licence. To get your license, you have to pass the examination that they will be giving. This is the last step on how to become a dental hygienist.

To be able to identify the schools where this course is offered, all you have to do is go to dental-hygiene-schools. This is a link to a site where you can find the different schools for dental hygienists. Most of the schools that offer this course also offer the general dentistry post-graduate training and other trainings that specialise a specific field in dentistry. This would include periodontics, dental public health, endodontics, pedodontics, oral surgery, maxillofacial radiology, prosthodontist, dental pathology, and dental radiology. Other courses for dental field can also be offered by the same school. You can also check if they have a degree in dental technician, dental therapists, dental nurses, dental assistant and many others.

The Dental School

As a student, you will be spending a minimum of 18 months in training and studying the course before you get a chance to have the license. You can also choose to continue studying general dentistry if you want. This will take more subjects and a year of internship. To have the license as a dental hygienist, the bachelor’s degree is not a requirement. You can take the exam whether you are a graduate of dentistry or not.

It can be quite challenging to find a dental school that is right for you because of the number of potential schools to choose from. There are several factors that you should consider carefully so that you can find the right school for you.

  • The reputation or the dental hygienists that came from that school. It is important for you to take a look at the previous students that they had because it also tells you about their ability to teach whatever they have to teach. If they produce dental hygienists who have a high rate of passing the exam then you should go and apply to their school.
  • Clinical requirements – Check what they require you to have before enrolling and make sure that the timetable is just right. For a certification program, you just need to spend up to 18 months while a degree would require you to complete the 32 months of training.
  • Admission requirements – Most of the dental schools require you to be a graduate in high school.
  • School facilities – You should check if they have enough facilities to train you. If they don’t have affiliate clinics or laboratories, how can they show you and let you experience the things that you have to know throughout the course?
  • Cost and location– You should asses how much your budget is and if it is enough to let you study in that school. You should also consider the location because the further it is, the more money you would be spending just to attend class every day. Check for scholarship programs so that you won’t worry too much about the tuition fee.