Top 5 Fallacies of Tooth Care

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We listen to some old sayings because the ones who said them have experienced them. But you see, old sayings do not necessarily apply to us. We have adapted to what our body has been accustomed to and we have become used to it. This simply means that the truth before, might not be our truth today.

We are so particular with health care that we sometimes forget whether these apply to us or not all. Our body is not a laboratory where we can just experiment. Our body is our temple and taking care of it will help us in the future.

  1. People experiencing gum disease don’t brush their teeth.

Well, people brush their teeth and sometimes, those who don’t will certainly have serious problems. The cause of gum disease is not necessarily the lack of oral hygiene, but sometimes, it could also be caused by too much friction due to over-brushing. Another possibility is that there is either a lack or excess of bacteria present inside our mouth. An enough number of bacteria population inside our mouth not only help us digest our food, but also help us maintain the proper enzyme that helps our mouth function.

  1. Pregnant women should skimp on their dental appointments.

No one should skimp on their Alcan dental group appointments, regardless of your condition. It is just so wrong. When people visit the dental clinic, it is usually for a tooth extraction; sometimes it is for a general oral check-up. So long as you disclose to the dentist that you are pregnant, then your vitamins and succeeding medicine will be for the betterment of your teeth and your baby. Never skimp on your dental appointment, it will help you greatly.

  1. Braces are made for fashion.

Braces have become a fad among young people, as if it is just for fashion. Some will ask to have them just for the sake of showing off. The use of braces is certainly not a fashion statement – people seriously need to straighten their facts. Most young people would rather have braces just to make sure people know that they are rich. Wealth is not the question here. Let us not brag about it in the social networking sites. Braces are invented to fix what is needed to fixed. Here is a warning; if your teeth alignment is okay then you do not need braces unless you want to have a ruined set of teeth. That probably, is your goal.

  1. Tooth loss is part of growing up.

Tooth loss is not necessarily part of growing up. When we were young, we lost some teeth because our growing body is adjusting to the surrounding; not necessarily connected with age. Some of our teeth are young and because they are rather soft for the choice of food that we often make, we lose them.

  1. Cavities can be treated using alternatives.

Temporary relief can be given by the alternatives, but not necessarily a lasting one. It is okay to resort to alternatives when pain is too much, but do not forget that the dentist will always have the best medicine for your teeth.

So if you still believe in that nonsense, then it’s about time to rethink everything.